Key Features

  • Includes 19 new controls you can use right away.
  • Change styles at runtime using WebStyleTD and WebStyleExt.
  • Includes the source code to the Demo application on this site, the perfect example to see how the new controls are setup and used.
  • Drop new controls on Xojo Web pages and resize them using the standard layout editor. (Note: the layout editor does not show previews, but does show a working outline for position and size.)
  • Configure controls using the graphical property editor or Xojo code.
  • No need to add page source items or edit application headers.
  • No need to install or use an intermediate application or PHP file on your server.
  • Uses normal Xojo event definitions.
  • Choose both the events and the frequency at which events are sent to each individual control to better manage performance and bandwidth.
  • Web Custom Controls is licensed per developer. There are no per site royalty fees, and there is no additional licensing for deployment in compiled form.
  • Licensed users receive the full source code with no encryption. This is an invaluable aid to developing your own controls. Not to mention the peace of mind knowing that you can modify the code if necessary to get your projects done.
  • One year of free updates for licensed users.

New Controls

  • CLEditor – a full featured, WYSIWYG HTML editor with support for tables, images, and icons.
  • DynaTree – a tree view control with skins, drag and drop support, and much more.
  • jCanvas – a full featured canvas control with support for layers and animation, and a wrapper class for compatibility with desktop Graphics code.
  • jQueryButton – a themes compatible button with full mouse event support.
  • jQueryFgMenu – a themes compatible drop down menu with standard and iPod style display options.
  • jQueryFileUpload – a powerful, themes compatible file uploader which supports multiple file selection; drag and drop from the user’s desktop; previews; progress reporting; and direct-to-disk uploads. (Features vary by browser.)
  • jQuerySlider – a themes compatible, animated slider control with ranges, increments, and multiple thumbs per slider.
  • jQueryTabs – a themes compatible tab control which will automatically switch between WebContainerControls.
  • NivoSlider – the free version of the popular image slider with many options, transition effects, and full mouse event support.
  • WebDeviceMotionTD – receive motion and orientation tracking events when your page is displayed on iOS devices.
  • WebGetHtmlTD – take a static HTML snapshot of any control or container on your web page.
  • WebHtmlAreaTD – displays arbitrary HTML which can be changed at runtime. Includes a ContentResized event so that you can scale the control when the content is changed, and a ContainerScroll event for tracking user scrolling.
  • WebImageLoaderTD – preload images with event based notification of completion, allowing you to take action only after your pictures have downloaded to the client browser and are ready for display.
  • WebImageViewTD – show images with additional scaling, quality, and display options over the built in ImageView class. Includes full mouse event support.
  • WebListBoxTD – set cell HTML directly and display styled text, links, images, and more in your lists.
  • WebOrientationChangeTD – detect page orientation changes which occur when a tablet device is rotated.
  • WebScrollbarTD – scrollbar with the standard look and feel for the user’s system.
  • yui2Calendar – the Yahoo! YUI2 User Interface Library calendar.
  • yui2ColorPicker – the Yahoo! YUI2 User Interface Library color picker.



Some of the new controls are named after their original JavaScript equivalents for easy identification. The use of those names on this page does not imply any endorsement of Web Custom Controls or this site by the original authors.