What are the requirements?

Web Custom Controls requires Xojo Pro or Web, 2011r3 or higher.


What do I need on my server?

The only difference between a regular Xojo Web installation and an installation using Web Custom Controls is a single folder of web files that you place in the same folder as the application.


Are there any known issues?

  • Not all of the controls are ready for, or well behaved on, iOS. I hope to improve and better document iOS support in future versions.
  • This toolkit is not designed to run on any version of Internet Explorer earlier then IE9. I may try to improve support for IE7 and IE8 in future updates, but I do not guarantee it. I seem to run into a lot of performance issues and weird behavior on those browsers with in general. Then again, I run into lots of problems on those browsers on web projects that have nothing to do with Xojo.
  • Some controls do not work in CGI apps built with 2011r4.x. This is due to Feedback issue 19064. All controls work in CGI apps built with 2011r3 and 2012r1 or higher.
  • I’ve run into a strange bug using 2011r3 on Windows where any Graphics draw method will randomly crash over time. This does not happen on Mac OS X and Linux, nor on any platform with 2011r4.3 or higher. The only class this affects in the toolkit is clsThumbnailBuilderJpeg which is used to provide post upload thumbnails to jQueryFileUpload.


What about future compatibility?

Xojo now has an official SDK for writing Web plugins. What does this mean for Web Custom Controls?

  • I will continue to support the wcc framework for a short time to maintain compatibility with 2011r3-2012r1 which came out before the official SDK. The wcc framework, and controls based on the wcc framework, continue to run side by side with Xojo’s new framework.
  • Over time I will port the controls I’ve created to Xojo’s new framework. This includes porting much of the wcc framework, which includes useful functions that can also run on the Xojo Web SDK. For control users this should be a seamless transition. There should only be minor changes…if any…in the public properties and methods of the controls in this toolkit.