What is Web Custom Controls?

Web Custom Controls is a library of controls for Xojo Pro and Web from Taylor Design. These controls expand upon Xojo’s built in library adding powerful new capabilities and user interface elements. You do not need to know any HTML or JavaScript to use these controls. Simply drag them onto your pages and use their events, methods, and properties like any built in control.

Web Custom Controls also includes a suite of classes and methods which greatly expand your ability to use CSS. With Web Custom Controls you are no longer limited to styles predefined at design time or to the CSS properties supported in the Xojo IDE. You can modify WebStyles at runtime; create and apply multiple WebStyleTD styles at runtime; share WebStyleTD styles across sessions; and even apply CSS directly to a control. There is also direct support for loading and using Google Fonts on your web pages.

Unleash the power of Xojo Web today with Web Custom Controls.