I know some of you have been wondering what the future holds for Web Custom Controls. This has been a quiet year due to issues unrelated to this product. Rest assured I am still working on new controls and updates.

Though I’ve stated this before both here and on the forums, I want to reiterate it for existing users: everyone who has purchased a license will receive the next two major updates for free. These will be versions 1.4 and 2.0. Version 2.0 will be based on the Xojo WebSDK.

If your year of free updates has expired you will still have access to these updates. You will have to renew for any updates past 2.0.x of course, but I want everyone who has purchased Web Custom Controls to at least have the upcoming version based on the official WebSDK.

Version 1.4 will be the last version based entirely on my SDK and therefore compatible with older versions of Real Studio. It is nearly complete with over 30 additions, enhancements, and bug fixes. Version 2.0 will basically be version 1.4 except that it will use the official WebSDK. (A lot of my own JavaScript framework provides additional features and will remain, just ported to and running on top of the official WebSDK.)

Hang in there. I can be incredibly busy at times and I feel like I’ve been behind for…a year. But new controls and updates are coming.

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