A Note About jCanvas & JSONItem Performance

While preparing and testing Web Custom Controls 1.3.1 I noticed a significant drop in jCanvas animation performance. I’ve traced this issue back to the JSONItem class. Something changed recently in JSONItem and this has caused a 2-4x decrease in the performance of the Value method. The change must have occurred with RS2012r2 or r2.1 because the previous stand alone demo, compiled with 2012r1, was fine. While most of the controls make use of JSONItem to some extent, jCanvas relies heavily on this class. The performance loss is immediately visible in jCanvas animations. To compensate, I altered the frame rate and complexity of one of the animations in the online demo.

I’m going to investigate this further and possibly file a Feedback report. However, the speed loss may be related to a legitimate bug fix, in which case it’s not likely to change. If that’s the case then I will review what changes, if any, I can make to jCanvas to restore performance.


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