RS2012 DOM Page Leak Fix

NOTE: do not contact Real Software about this bug. They have already addressed it. The fix will be available in 2013r1. If you experience any problems with this code, please contact me, NOT Real Software.

When you close a web page in Real Studio WE 2012 the div element for the page is not removed from the client browser DOM. This results in a memory leak on the client browser and presents a potential security issue. On a public computer someone could see previously displayed WE pages even if the previous user has logged out.

A quick and simple work around is to reset the Session whenever a user logs out. To do this simply call ShowURL with your web app’s address on log out. However, this does not work if the app disconnects before log out or if the user forgets to log out.

I’m releasing a class under the BSD license, SessionTD, which fixes both issues. When you close a page, SessionTD removes the page from the DOM. And it loads JavaScript which clears the DOM in the event that the app disconnects.

Click here to download the fix.

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