Fixed in 2013r4.1: jQueryFileUpload Requires Xojo 2013r2 For Now

This issue has been fixed in Xojo 2013r4.1. jQueryFileUpload is working correctly with 2013r4.1.

Update 9/23/2013: Here’s the feedback report: feedback://showreport?report_id=29775

I believe that this only affects the jQueryFileUpload control and that the rest of the controls are working properly under r3. So if you do not use the jQueryFileUpload control your project should be fine in r3.

Original Post

I have to recommend keeping any projects which use Web Custom Controls in Xojo 2013r2 for now. Version 2013r3 has a bug in the special URL / WebRequest mechanism whereby certain input types from a POST are dropped. Some of the JavaScript controls POST data back to the server and are affected by this. jQueryFileUpload is a prime example. File data is sent via a POST and because of the bug it cannot upload files in 2013r3.

I’m not sure if there’s any work around for this. It looks like it will simply require a Xojo fix. Please note that this has nothing to do with the wcc SDK vs. the new WebSDK. It’s a problem for the controls on either.


  1. do you have a Feedback case to subscribe to / sample project to verify, yet?

    • I should have one tonight. I’m still trying to determine the exact boundaries of the bug. It may only be an issue with file data in which case only the jQueryFileUpload control is affected. I’ll post the feedback link and sample here once they’re ready.

  2. Verifyed..
    Go the Problem with my FileUploader.. it created the file on the server but only with 0bytes..

    Workarround: Load and Compile with R2 (P.s. dosent matter if you have saved your project with r3 the backconversation to r2 is enough)

    Greetings from Germany and sry for my bad eng 😉

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