Xojo 2014 r2 Issue

Some users are running into an issue with Web Custom Controls 1.3.1 and Xojo 2014r2. Web Custom Controls 1.4 is still in progress, so I’m going to release a 1.3.2 patch later today.

The issue looks scary, i.e. the controls won’t load with a security error. But the fix is actually trivial. It’s related to a corrupted HTML header. It looks like Xojo 2014r2 wants to set the header for me and when I do it as well things go south, where in prior versions I needed to set it explicitly.

July 3 Update: I am dragging this week. I have one more task I need to finish for a client this afternoon, and this evening I can finally package/ship 1.3.2. I tried to last night but I was falling asleep.

Even though the fix is simple, I want to run all my normal tests before an update, so it’s a couple hours to prepare and upload.

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  1. Eric Brown

    You do great work, Daniel. Appreciate all your help…

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