The Next Update

It has been a while (about a month) since the last Web Custom Controls update. A combination of a summer trip, client work, and a couple of annoying bugs have prevented me from getting 1.2 out as quickly as I had hoped.

Version 1.2 will ship early next week. After that I hope to release several updates in August. I’ve been working on some large and very cool controls, and they should quickly fall into place over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned. Web Custom Controls is about to add some really great stuff to WE.


  1. WillGonz

    Looking forward to the update. Really hoping for a new weblistbox in the coming weeks.

  2. Whats really needed in WE is sound support, to play a mp3 file on mouse click or events

    • I seem to recall some posts on the forums about playing sounds. That said, I will be adding a drop-n-run solution to wcc.

      • Yeah, a lot presume you are running a webserver that you can point to mp3 files on. I like a few people are running WE standalone as CGI does not install on every version of IIS.

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