Web Custom Controls 1.3.1 Released

Web Custom Controls 1.3.1 is available now. Licensed users can download the update using the link and username/password from their original purchase email. If you are using Xojo 2013r1 please be sure to follow the instructions at the top of the Release Notes page. There is an additional change you have to make to your project to support the WebSessionContext bug work around in 1.3.1.

Below is an overview of the changes:

  • New WebGetHtmlTD class allows you to take a static HTML ‘snapshot’ of any control on your page. This can be useful for generating quick PDF reports using one of the many HTML to PDF libraries available.
  • New WebLinkTD class fixes the styling issues which exist with the standard WebLink class.
  • jQueryFileUpload – Add Files button works in Windows FireFox.
  • jQueryFileUpload – no longer attempts to startup on Safari Mobile. This control has no use on iOS devices, and trying to start it up can hang the web page on those devices.
  • jCanvasToRbGraphics – fixed a bug which prevented text font and style settings from taking effect.
  • jCanvasToRbGraphics – added multiple versions of DrawString instead of one with default parameters. This is because RBScript does not recognize default parameters in a context object method. This was mainly for the demo app.
  • WebListBoxTD – fixed an issue that prevented the insertion of HTML which contained tables into cells.
  • Added a patch to work around the Xojo 2013r1 WebSessionContext bug: feedback://showreport?report_id=27067. Note that the patch is only used on that version of Xojo as the bug will be fixed in r2.
  • wccCgiServeAllFiles is now set to True. Previously it was not even though the documentation said it was.
  • Fixed the RefreshClientTD method to run properly on Xojo.
  • Fixed WebListBoxTD to run properly on Xojo.
  • Fixed WebStyleTD and WebStyleExt so that styles are properly applied to WebLinks.
  • Implemented the Resize method for jQuerySlider.
  • Fixed WebControlExt.SetBackgroundTD. This method allows you to set the background image options for a page or control.
  • Improved the reliability of the jCanvas.wccMouseEnter and jCanvas.wccMouseExit events. These worked perfectly in RS2011r3 but are unreliable in RS2012 and Xojo 2013r1. I haven’t identified why yet. I’ve added code to eliminate duplicate and clearly false enter/exit events. It’s still not 100%, but good enough that the drag mouse demo works.

Please let me know if you have any questions or encounter any problems with the online demos or with release 1.3.1.

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