Adding WebLink Capability to WebButton & WebImageView – Version 1.1

I’ve uploaded a new version of the module which lets you add a standard <a> tag link to WE WebControls. This version takes a different approach and thereby solves a few bugs.

  • Now the entire control div is wrapped in the link tag, not just the inner div. With this change I’ve also removed the check to see if the control is a WebButton or WebImageView. However, I have only tested the module with those two types. I imagine this could break functionality in other control types, but I leave that up to the user to test just in case it’s useful with other controls.
  • This version fixes a bug which prevented the WebButton.Action event from firing on a control with a link. DoubleClick still does not fire on any browser except IE9, but I don’t consider that a bug. The other browsers are not capturing the second click because they are busy opening the link from the first click.
  • This version fixes a bug which prevented WebButton.Caption and WebImageView.URL from working after a link was added.
  • LinkAddTD now checks to see if a link has already been added, and if so it merely changes the existing link’s properties. This prevents multiple nested links in the event that your code accidentally calls LinkAddTD repeatedly.
  • There is now a method to remove the link. If you dynamically create and delete controls at runtime, be sure to remove the link before control deletion.

This little module is released under a BSD license and is free to use. You can download the test project and module by clicking here. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you, just what I was looking for!
    Works like a charm.

  2. Superb job. Thank you 🙂

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